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    Fixed Video Streams

    Written by dokidoki on January 12th, 2017

    Hi everybody! Since streaming is broken at the moment on AnimeMusicVideos.org, the streams on the videos page have been changed to YouTube links. Almost all of them are working again!


    Ludum Dare 23

    Written by dokidoki on April 23rd, 2012

    For fun this past weekend I made a small game in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare competition. Check it out!


    Fanboy Soze DVD available

    Written by dokidoki on July 22nd, 2011

    Quick update with regards to the previous post, the Fanboy Soze DVD is now available for download. But if you’ll be at a con where it’s playing, I recommend seeing it there first, since comedy is more fun with a bigger audience. ??


    New parody by NoN.D.E.

    Written by dokidoki on May 24th, 2011

    Fanboy SozeNoN.D.E. Fanfilms, creators of “This is Otakudom” and “S.T.E.A.M.: The Movie” have recently completed their newest work: “Fanboy Soze vs The Reanimators of the Otakulypse”. It’ll be at Otakon this year as well as other cons, so check it out if you have the chance! (I’ve seen it, it’s cool :-))


    New shirt

    Written by dokidoki on October 28th, 2010

    I made a new T-shirt design… I HeartHeartHeartHea Videogames. ??
    Other than that, things are pretty quiet. Unfortunately, I haven’t made any AMVs this year. I don’t have weekends free like I used to, and I’ve been doing other stuff. I’m still making small improvements here and there to the AnimeMusicVideos.org site, though.

    But you might be interested in this montage of “Every Anime Opening Ever Made” that I found recently. (by Derek Lieu)


    Anime Con Pro Tips

    Written by dokidoki on May 11th, 2010

    There was a funny hashtag being used on Twitter last month… #animeconprotips. Since Twitter’s search can be slow or nonfunctional, and the feed is full of retweets and hashtags, I made my own archive, which you can find here: Anime Con Pro Tips


    Two things

    Written by dokidoki on March 20th, 2010

    Recently, iDespair was named Best Parody in the Judges Choice Awards. Thanks! ?? Also, I added a new design to the store… Bereavement unlocked


    Ze Store

    Written by dokidoki on March 10th, 2010

    I made a Zazzle store with various parody items. There’s also some photography. We’ll see how it goes.



    Written by dokidoki on September 30th, 2009

    Well, it’s my first new AMV in over a year… iDespair. You can see it on the right in TinyVision, or on the Videos page.


    Little update

    Written by dokidoki on August 11th, 2009

    *phew* Finally updated WordPress… I had been putting it off since I still had a non-auto-update one. I also changed the streaming links on the videos page from YouTube to AnimeMusicVideos.org streams, where possible. Yes, if you hadn’t heard, earlier this year Corran and others added streaming video to the site, and it’s been hard at work converting all the old videos to support streaming. (It’s over half done now)

    I really didn’t feel like editing earlier this year, and due to financial and scheduling issues, I didn’t go to Anime North or Otakon. I did some editing last month, however, so I’ll have something at AWA.
    See you there.

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